Issues we go forward it's about taking care of our middle-class, taking care of the low-income, access to education, access to higher ed, access to medical care and taking care of our seniors, and the budget we're presenting today does that."
Gordon M. Johnson 6/24/14


Working to improve the quality of life for our seniors has been major priority throughout my life. Keeping the needs and the concerns of the most vulnerable in our community out-in-front is what I do as your Assemblyman - on committees, in hearings, and with our vote. These are not questions of comfort for our seniors, but more importantly survival. More.


Creating jobs that support and more importantly strengthen families in our community is central to the work that I do as your Assemblyman. I know that well paying jobs enrich our downtown areas and will lead innovation and development that will stimulate and expand our economy in New Jersey. I'm working to remove barriers for job seekers and make it easier to find a job. More.


District 37 has tremendous healthcare resources - hospitals, doctors, nurses, and don't forget world-class first responders. My goal is that all the residents of our community will be able to reach the services that they need to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Recently, I went back to Dwight-Morrow, my high school, to promote my bill (A1672) that requires youth sports programs and cheerleading programs to have written head injury policies. More.


Important legislation that I sponsored (A-1678) was recently signed into law. The bill expands access to DNA testing for anyone convicted of a crime and will exonerate the wrongfully convicted in our state. Thanks to DNA testing, we have seen a number of individuals exonerated after years, sometimes decades spent behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Sadly, under current state law, an innocent person who is on probation or parole does not have the same access to the technology that can help clear their name and restore their dignity. This bill would open access to DNA testing to these individuals, so they can stop living under the shadow of guilt and finally be free. More.


I'm proud to stand with our brave Men and Women in uniform serving in our military at home and stationed around the globe. I understand first-hand the tremendous sacrifice made by our service members and their families everyday. Having the opportunity to serve our country, protect our interests, and defend our freedom, More.


Reinvesting in transportation assets is an important conversation that is currently taking place in Trenton and across the State. Our New Jersey economy and more so, our community, is supported by infrastructure and transportation systems. New Jersey’s rail, road, and air systems are a highly valued resource and make it possible for businesses and individuals to reach their customers and achieve their goals. More.


Gordon M. Johnson classOur children thrive when supported by a quality educator in a positive learning environment. To support these students we need to give them access to world-class education with that opportunity expanding to every NJ community. Common threads connect us - schools need to be safe, our children healthy, in classrooms led by passionate and engaged educators. More.