Jobs & The Economy

     Creating jobs that support and more importantly strengthen families in our community is central to the work that I do as your Assemblyman.  Jobs that pay well, enrich our downtown areas, will lead innovation and development that will expand our economy in New Jersey.  I'm working to remove barriers for job seekers and make it easier to find a job.  Recently, I sponsored bill A1665, which prohibits job discrimination based on credit history or financial status, this will level the field during a job search.  Currently, I serve as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, where our recent efforts have included incentives for job creators and businesses that make significant commitment to our New Jersey workforce.  

     In 2013, The New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act, passed the assembly to lead a state-wide effort of creating jobs, retaining jobs, and to make New Jersey more attractive to businesses.  Our story is a one of growth and opportunity - we have tremendous talent and resources.  I have traveled as part of  "Choose New Jersey" efforts to Germany, China, Korea, Turkey, and Taiwan to tell this story and let business leaders around the globe know that New Jersey means business!  These efforts aim to spur new investment, new business, and reinvestment, coming not just to the US, but right here in New Jersey.  Globally, new industries are igniting economies, using technology and innovation to expand markets.  New sectors have emerged which challenge the conventional understanding of energy and fuel.  Being an elected official allows me to support policies that move our society away from fossil fuels.  Alternative fuels, such as hydrogen fuel cells, wind, and solar, take us farther away from dependence on foreign oil.  I'm working to bring those businesses and those innovative ideas to New Jersey to participate in that growth. 

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