Johnson's Journal - March 2016

Johnson’s Journal – March 2016 

From Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson – Deputy Speaker.

Chairman, Commerce and Economic Development Committee

Vice-Chairman, Judiciary Committee

Member, Budget Committee



Serious questions have been raised about the quality of drinking water in cities across our country.  We simply cannot allow the presence of lead in the water to become an unmanaged public safety threat that puts the community at risk.  I'll be joining my colleagues in introducing legislation aimed at protecting our children by requiring that all schools, every school building - public and private, have their water regularly tested for lead in drinking water.

Budget Priorities

 For the next two months, the budget committee will be meeting with all department commissioners to review and ascertain what every department needs to better serve the residence of our State and make life more affordable for middle-class families.  I’m fighting to improve the quality of education in our children’s schools and give them the resources necessary to be successful.  We musts fund our classrooms, while keeping a commitment to our public employees by fully funding our pension obligation.  These budget choices are never easy, but if we advance powerful ideas and lead with principal, success will follow.


Women’s History Month

We celebrate Women’s History Month, a commemoration of the accomplishments and contributions of women throughout our history.  This annual event highlights women in our community, and across the country who fought not only for the rights of women, but for the rights of everyone.  The success and work of these women is an inspiration for all. Their success creates a legacy that will guide future generations and transform our world!


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
                                                                         -Eleanor Roosevelt

A New Beginning: Bergen County Black Elected Officials’ Policy Alliance.

This month, I hosted a meeting of African-American elected officials from Bergen County.  The meeting was a gathering of the newly formed, Bergen County Black Elected Officials’ Policy Alliance and included state legislators, mayors, council members and board of education trustees from across Bergen County. This was an opportunity for the elected officials to establish relationships create a dialogue and to identify priorities that will lead to civic engagement in Bergen County.


This is an opportunity to take the initiative and create effective strategies that will allow us to keep making progress on important issues, such as employment, housing, access to healthcare and criminal justice.

Walk to Washington

Senator Loretta Weinberg and I took part in The 79th Annual “Walk to Washington” sponsored by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce in February.  This event is an opportunity for business leaders and legislators from New Jersey to interface with our congressional representatives in Washington DC.  Heading to the capitol, with my legislative colleagues by train is an annual tradition.  It’s a valued time to network, take meetings, and more over a time to discuss our priorities. I look forward towards the road ahead!


Legislative Bills/Work:


Assembly Amendment – Assembly Democratic Measure to Bring World-Class Gaming to North Jersey Headed to the Ballot.

A proposed constitutional amendment sponsored by Democratic lawmakers that would allow the creation of world-class casino gaming facilities in North Jersey, boost funding for programs for seniors and the disabled, and help Atlantic City and the horse racing industry is headed to the ballot in November after both houses of the legislature approved the measure Monday by a three-fifths majority.

The constitutional amendment would allow the Legislature to pass laws to permit the establishment and operation, under regulation and control by the state, of casinos in two other counties of this state. No more than two casinos would be permitted and only one casino in each of the two counties would be permitted. Also, each casino is to be located in a municipality that is at least 72 miles from Atlantic City.

We cannot let this chance go by to modernize our gaming industry and boost essential programs for senior and disabled residents.  All in all, this is the most sensible approach.


Assembly Bill A1887 - Bill to Promote Minority Recruitment in Law Enforcement Clears Assembly Committee.

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Benjie Wimberly, Gordon Johnson, Grace Spencer and Jamel Holley aimed at making law enforcement agencies in New Jersey more representative of the communities they serve was advanced by an Assembly panel in March.

The bill (A-1887) would require each state, county and local law enforcement agency in New Jersey to establish a minority recruitment and selection program. The programs would ensure that the agencies reflect the diversity of the populations they serve.

As per the legislation, the programs would: set goals for recruiting and hiring minorities and women within a specified time frame, describe methods for evaluating whether these goals have been met and establish corrective action to be taken if goals are unmet.



Gordon M. Johnson was elected by the people of the 37th District of Bergen County, to the New Jersey State General Assembly in 2001.  Assemblyman Johnson serves in the position of Deputy Speaker.  He is the Chair of the Commerce and Economic Development Committee, Vice-Chair of the Judiciary Committee, member of the Budget Committee.

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