Law and Public Safety Academy

     I had the opportunity this week to visit the Academies@Englewood and lead a discussion with students from the Law & Public Safety Academy.  It was an opportunity to tell my story about the work we do in the Assembly, but more so, it was a chance to talk about public service and being a positive part of a community.  The walls of Ms. Powell's classroom are covered with symbols of justice and include images of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - An important reminder to me of how significant a good teacher can be in the life of a student. 

Gordon M. Johnson class

The students at Dwight-Morrow High School/Academies@Englewood were smart, engaging, and inquisitive.  They had enthusiasm and a passion for their studies.  I left feeling optimist about our future and thankful for the wonderful teachers who were such a positive force, not only in my life, but in the students as well.

gordon m. johnson Law Public Safety Academy

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