Bill No.

A1668       Bill to Help Spur Innovation & Economic Growth Through Higher Ed & Business Partnerships Heads to Governor 

A2690        Bill to Allow Retired State Park Police, NJ Transit Police Officers to Carry Firearms

A3539        Bill to require Lead Testing for All Schools Clears Assembly

A4146        Bill to Guard Against Loss of Health Care Services for the Most Vulnerable Advances

A306         Bill to Establish Pilot Program to Help Vets Modify Homes Continues Advancing

A1668       Bill to Help Spur Innovation & Economic Growth through Higher Ed & Business Partnerships Continues Advancing

A3265       Bill to Bolster Advanced Manufacturing in New Jersey Clears Assembly Committee

A2815       Bill to Allow NJ Overseas Voters to Cast Ballots Passes Assembly. 

A3745       Bill to Enhance Oversight of Military Equipment Issued to Local Law Enforcement Agencies by Fed Govt.

A1678       Bill to Expand Access to DNA Testing & Exonerate the Wrongfully Convicted.

A3314       Bill to Promote & Improve Oral Health throughout New Jersey.

A3947       Johnson Bill Permitting In-State Tuition Rates for Vets at NJ Colleges Now Law.

A1041       Bill to Protect Holocaust Reparations Advances in the Legislature.

A3905       Johnson Bill to Allow for Display of e-Car Insurance Signed into Law.

A3493      Bill Requiring Higher Ed. Police Departments to Adopt Policing Procedures Used by All Law Enforcement in NJ Now Law.

A2764       Johnson Bill to Improve Preservation & Promotion of State Historic Sites.

A1003       Johnson Legislation to Create Greater Transparency for State Agency Lobbyists.

A660        Bill to Ensure Taxpayers Are Getting a Good Return on Economic Investments. 

A4283      Johnson Bill Requiring Contingency Plan for Trains Carrying Hazardous Material through NJ Clears Assembly Panel.

A2619      Johnson & Weinberg Bill to Ensure Fairness in Burial Costs Now Law.

A1650     Authorizes the issuance of restraining orders in situations where the domestic violence statutes do not apply.

A1667     Bill to Allow Children of Active Duty Military to Stay in Same School.

A1651     Requires board of education to unseal and announce contents of bids for certain subcontracting only at regularly scheduled, public meetings of the board.

A1653     Requires SHBP to provide coverage for expenses incurred in screening for prostate cancer.

A1654     Increases contribution limit by counties and municipalities to volunteer first aid, ambulance, and rescue squads.

A1655     Prohibits false or secret compartments in motor vehicles under certain circumstances.

A1656     Requires criminal history background check for certain persons working at schools.

A1657     Establishes a permanent Gang Land Security Task Force.

A1658     Establishes the "Office of the Gang Member Relocation Coordinator."

A1659     Criminalizes purchase or possession of firearms ammunition by persons convicted of certain crimes.

A1660     Increases juror compensation.

A1661     Directs Department of Corrections to provide employment assistance to inmates prior to release.

A1662     Provides for expungement of certain records of victims of identity theft.

A1663     Permits immediate expungement of court records where the person is acquitted or discharged or where the charges have been dismissed.

A1664     Requires DOC employees who recruit, interview, and hire corrections officers to have gang awareness training.

A1665     Prohibits job discrimination on basis of credit history or financial status.

A3617     Bill Granting “Dreamers” Access to State Financial Aid.

A1666     Requires preservation of certain biological evidence.

A1667     Permits a child whose parent or guardian is ordered into active military service to remain enrolled in the school district where the child's parent or guardian resided prior to active military service.

A1668     Designated Kevin Apuzzio's Law; allows municipalities to provide increased survivor pensions for certain volunteer emergency workers and requires municipalities to provide health and life insurance coverage to volunteer firefighters.

A1669     Redirects vehicle surcharge revenues for Autism Medical Research and Treatment Fund to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays and disabilities enrolled in the Early Childhood Intervention Program.

A1670     Provides DYFS caseworkers with personnel and law enforcement assistance when conducting DYFS investigations.

A1671     Limits rent increases for certain senior citizens.

A1672     Requires youth sports team organizations to implement written head injury policies.

A1673     Requires halfway house employees to complete police training course.

A1674     Requires halfway houses to permit attorneys and certain representatives of attorneys to visit incarcerated clients.

A1675     Transfers probation employees from Judiciary to State Parole Board.

A1676     Provides that crime victims do not have to pay fees to obtain government records and that requests for records are not public information.  

A1677     Establishes supervised community reintegration program for certain victims of domestic abuse.

A1678     Authorizes court to order law enforcement to submit DNA evidence to national database to determine whether the evidence matches a known individual or a DNA profile from an unsolved crime.

A2474     "Garden State Film and Digital Media Jobs Act"; expands existing film and digital media production tax credit programs.

A2564     Revises requirements for private investigator cards.       

A2565    Modifies powers of Historic New Bridge Landing Park Commission.

A2618     Requires DOC to transfer certain payments of restitution to VCCB.

A2619     Excludes certain conveyances of graves, crypts and niches from 15% fee charged by cemetery company.

A2686     Establishes gubernatorial veto power over Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor's meeting minutes; expands gubernatorial oversight powers over commission.

A2762     Provides that 20% of fee charged for initial certified copy of a birth certificate shall be used to support certain activities of NJ Cord Blood Bank. 

A2790     Provides that labor union representatives cannot be compelled to disclose certain information.

A2795     This bill would provide Medicaid coverage for family planning services to individuals whose income does not exceed 200 percent of the federal poverty level. 

A2829     Prohibits Internet posting of certain information on law enforcement officers.

A2835     Concerns workers' compensation for firefighters with cancer.

A3015     Prohibits lawyers and law firms who lobby public entity from simultaneous employment or contract with that public entity.

A3314     Establishes New Jersey Center for Oral Health at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

A3391     Establishes sheriff's officers reemployment lists.

A3486     Adjusts and clarifies certain State tax compliance standards and restricts certain State tax benefits.

A3492     Grants certain employment protections to campus police officers.

A3493     Requires police departments of certain educational institutions to adopt Attorney General Guidelines on internal affairs policies and procedures.

A3494     Upgrades crime of assault against certain public employees to aggravated assault in certain circumstances.

A3593     Requires notification of local law enforcement prior to expungement of certain mental health records of prospective firearms purchasers

A3754     Requires AG oversight of transfer of federal surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies establishes review and reporting requirement.

A3756    Oversight to Investigations, measure would require two independent investigators to look into police-related deaths.

A3863     Establishes licensure for associate marriage and family therapists.

A3874     Prohibits business receiving State development subsides from making certain campaign contributions.

A3901     Requires local unit approval of applications for participation in federal 1033 program.

A4000     Confers civil service state on police officers employed by Rutgers University.

A4001     Permits increase in municipal free public library tax upon voter approval.

A4021     Provides gross income tax exclusion for capital gains from sale of certain employer securities by qualified business that result in net positive benefit to the State