Reinvesting in transportation assets is an important conversation that is currently taking place in Trenton and across the state.  Our New Jersey economy and more so, our community, is supported by infrastructure and transportation systems.  New Jersey’s rail, road, and air systems are a highly valued resource and make it possible for businesses and individuals to reach their customers and achieve their goals.

     A primary concern in New Jersey and in District 37 communities is the safe transportation of crude oil though our communities.  The USA is now the largest oil producing country in the world, with oil that must reach its destination.  The safety of our community, train-crews, and the products being moved is a significant concern.  We have seen major and minor train derailments in our State.  Having a safety plan locally is an important step for communities in our District.  I have joined local leaders and first responders to aid in training and expertise to address transportation emergencies.

     In October of 2014, I urged the US Department of Transportation to move forward with rules to increase rail car safety – quickly and in the safest way possible.   Having railroads and their customers using state of the art rail cars in New Jersey, especially in densely populated areas like Bergen County, is what is needed to address these concerns.

     Bus routes in our District 37 communities give our workforce the option of leaving the car at home and save more on tolls, gas, and time.  Bergen County and NJ Transit are currently working on a Bus Rapid Transit Implementation Study.  I am focused on seeing that service reaches customers in areas of need, as fast and reliably as possible.  We need to reduce wait-times and connect customers to jobs, riders to transportation hubs and other major area destinations.  Advanced buses will be customer-friendly with more technology offering more amenities, cleaner fuels, and more sustainable systems.

     A vibrant transportation system, led by trains and buses, that connects customers to opportunity and locations, advance the goal of job creation and economic development.  Whether it’s commuting to work, travel, or moving product, all reduce traffic by taking cars and trucks off the road.  Having a world-class transportation system is vital to our New Jersey economy and the future prosperity of our state.

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